“Ok wow. I’ll take a case.”

Noam R.

Brooklyn, New York

“The absolute BEST almond butter I’ve ever had.”

Dan C.

Ridgefield, New Jersey

The SUPER FOOD they’ll want to eat.

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Don’t be fooled!

Todays food marketing has created the illusion that certain foods are good for you just because they are low/er in calorie. Often times they are using harmful chemicals and toxic additives to lower numbers on their labels, just to intrigue possible consumers. While it is always smart to read the nutritional facts and labels, we URGE you to take a look at the ingredient list before making your next purchase.

Our promise to you.

You butter believe it!

Nothing but the absolute BEST.

what our customers are saying

I'd like to purchase a case of the Cashew Cookie Dough-YUM. Great gift idea!

Katherine S.

These butters are truly heavenly.

Maureen G

Thanks Miguel for always providing great customer service! Mighty Foods loyal customers for life!

Jen & Pete G.