Almond Date Cinnamon Swirl
Almond Date Cinnamon Swirl
Almond Date Cinnamon Swirl

Almond Date Cinnamon Swirl

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Our Almond Date Cinnamon Swirl was our first ever product when we launched in October of 2019. The idea was simple, really. Our vision was to create a delicious nut butter that was stuffed with important nutrients from a minimal list of ingredients.

Each ingredient was carefully selected, serving its purpose in both flavor, but most importantly-as fuel.

Our nutrient dense recipe is loved by so many. From moms and dads trying to pack in the nutrients for their families and little ones, to athletes and competitors who understand that proper nutrition is imperative for optimal performance. 

Only the highest quality ingredients go into our nut butters. No refined sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no mysterious protein blends.

Just 100% natural good-for-you-food.

You are what you eat. Be Mighty!




Roasted Almonds, Organic Date Syrup, Cinnamon, Organic Coconut Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt.

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